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gifs: Danny Jones - Popstar to Operastar 1x01

1st gif post! <3 Cause I love my hubby.
I still need to work on my giffing so they're not the best but they're something.

19 Animations from the first episode of Popstar to Operastar.

Text links to tinypic (so dial-up safe).
Gifs are 400x226
Credit is nice but I'm more interested in spreading the McLove.
but credit if you use them in icons or something, I guess? :P
& I love comments! <3


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[Mraz] heart to ground

18 Multi-Fandom Icons

Oh, hey, remember me?

These are icons that have been sitting on my computer since last summer and I haven't had the heart to finish them or make any more. I just decided to dump them here and see if anyone wants them, if not, I don't care, I just need to get rid of them. I need a fresh start in iconning, whenever that will be since I'm still too busy with real life to worry about these little squares. Thanks for those who have still stuck with us for so long, Sandy and I really hope to get this place up and running again soon.

Also, just so you know, ALL members have been deleted because this is a public community and it doesn't help us much except that it shows us which people know how to read and which don't.

I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is having a wonderful summer!

01-02 Driving Lessons
03-05 Harry Potter
06-07 gay pride
08-11 Nickelodeon
12-15 Boston Red Sox
16-18 Skins


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credit jollygreenpear
no editing.